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Dr. AP Grow explores bad management behaviors and how to fix them in his new book, How to Not Suck as a Manager.

After hearing of bad manager experiences from hundreds of individuals, Dr. Grow decided to discover the most common bad manager behaviors and then teach managers how to overcome them.

“It shouldn’t surprise us why there are so many bad managers in the workplace. Research is clear that many managers receive no training before taking their job. It’s important to identify the most common bad manager behaviors and share information that will help all managers avoid these behaviors as they work with others.”

In this first edition from the Workplace Sanity Group Dr. Grow gives all managers the information they need to not suck at their job.

“Every employee has the right to a drama-free workplace.”

“Managers should exist to remove roadblocks, not create them.”

“No team should have to put up with a non-team player.”

Dr. A.P. Grow
Dean of Workplace Sanity Education
Workplace Sanity Group

The author discusses his book on New Day Northwest.